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Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy

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At St John Fisher, our Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy (TELS) is designed to integrate technology into our educational framework, enriching the learning experience for our children. This comprehensive approach involves a variety of methods and engages numerous stakeholders, all united by a single goal: to elevate the educational journey of our students. By embracing innovative technological tools and techniques, we aim to prepare our children for success in the ever-evolving modern world.

EduLink One

EduLink One is our main form of communication between home and school. It is a parent portal and communication application that keeps your child’s school information in one place, meaning parents and children are continually informed and involved in their learning journey. Each child has their own personal log in. Parents also have a log in along with school staff. From their log in, users can access EduLink One via any internet browser, click the orange button, or by downloading the application on iOS or Android. You will be asked to enter either the school ID (sjfch) or postcode (WN67RN). Once logged in, you will see the main screen in EduLink One. The information held in your account relates to you if you are a child or your child/children if you are a parent. You will be able to navigate through the different sections of EduLink One by clicking on the icons, e.g. to view your child’s attendance, click the Attendance icon.

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If you are a child or parent and have any questions regarding access to EduLink One please contact Mr Henry, our TELS Lead, via email:

Microsoft Teams
& OneDrive

Each child has a Microsoft Team for each subject area, with Microsoft Teams being accessible from any device with an internet connection. Microsoft Teams is developing at St John Fisher and, therefore, some subject areas might use this technology more than others. In practical subjects, i.e. Computer Science and Design Technology, this technology might be used for classwork and therefore children can showcase work to their parent(s) at home, complete any work if they have been absent and revise effectively with all resources and completed work in once place. Microsoft OneDrive is a personal storage area for pupils to save work into which they have done which is not on Microsoft Teams. Whilst it is less likely pupils will use Microsoft OneDrive, compared to Microsoft Teams, it is important they remain organised and have their work saved in the correct folders with suitable file names. These two pieces of technology are pivotal in the modern world of work; meaning our pupils are developing vital employability skills via their secondary education thus actively being prepared for the next stage of their lives.

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