Ethos & Values

Our faith is the thread which holds our school community together and underpins our daily life in school.

Everything we do centres around our belief that people matter and in feeling connected and positively challenged, everyone can succeed.

Our mission statement – Learning Together as a Community in Christ encapsulates everything we do. The way we organise our broad and balanced curriculum and the way we address learning barriers through our strong pastoral support systems guarantees our focus on the love of learning. A thirst for knowledge permeates through our school.

We aspire for all our school community to be life-long learners. Learning is our number one priority.

Our purpose is to educate and inspire young minds so they move onto successful futures and develop into decent human beings who can function in and positively contribute towards our ever-changing modern society.

We also believe we are here to serve and develop our staff community to ensure they are well-researched professionals with a healthy work/life balance and can model and inspire positive wellbeing.

We are a fully inclusive community that prepares young people – emotionally, academically and socially – by the opportunities available to them, the high standards of teaching they receive and the moral sense of duty and commitment they have to the greater good of the school.

We are a strong Catholic community in which our faith infuses how we do things, how we relate to one another and what we expect.

And the way we conduct ourselves within our community is likened to that of Christ. In being Christ-like we expect all individuals in our school to be respectful, aspirational, polite, kind and listen.

The motto on our school crest – Quod Bonum Est Tenete means “Hold Fast to that which is Good”.


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‘Learning together as a community in Christ.’

Our mission statement says it all!

Whether you’re a pupil, a member of staff, a parent or a member of the community, your always made welcome to our school community.

Here at St John Fisher chaplaincy is a part of everyday school life. We are proud of our faith and want others to see our light shining in the wider community in which we live. Whether it be celebrating our first Friday mass with parishioners from local parishes or working with our very talented school choir singing carols in nursing homes in our local area. Here in school we also gain qualifications for our good work. Putting our Faith into Action!

We practice what we preach when it comes to helping others as you can see in all the charity work that we do throughout the year

School Prayer

Lord, help us to do what is right, to put our hearts and minds into everything and be an example to others.

Help us not to criticise others for things we cannot do ourselves, to understand and forgive others especially when they hurt us, even though it may be hard.

May we be thankful for what we have got and remember those who have little.

Help us to always try hard in our work and follow the example of St John Fisher.