The Curriculum at St John Fisher Catholic High School

Our curriculum is built on the following principles:

  • Academic excellence for students, inspiring all to achieve.

  • The education of the whole person which recognises the uniqueness of each student

  • Moral principles linked to a strong faith experience.

The St John Fisher curriculum is founded on our Catholic values of justice and equality and we learn together as a community in Christ. Our ambitious curriculum is tailored to equip ALL of our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to become well-rounded, highly educated individuals, able to succeed and make significant contributions to the wider world. We provide a broad, sequenced curriculum that allows our young people to thrive and flourish as they are exposed to many culturally enriching opportunities both within and beyond the classroom.

As well as our ambitious and broad taught curriculum, we offer a varied and exciting extra curriculum too. At St. John Fisher, we believe that learning begins in the classroom but extends far beyond it. All pupils have opportunities to enrich their school experience, encouraging them to learn new skills and use their God-given talents. This includes a variety of clubs, trips abroad, sporting activities and performing arts shows. Visit the extra curriculum link to see the range of events this term.

Extra Curriculum KS3

Extra Curriculum KS4