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At St John Fisher, we emphasize the importance of school uniforms for several reasons. First, they help instill a sense of pride and professionalism in our students. This commitment to maintaining a polished and respectful appearance reflects positively on our school community. Moreover, the discipline of wearing a uniform prepares our students for future professional environments, where appropriate dress and conduct are often essential. By fostering these habits early, we aim to support our students' smooth transition into the workforce, ensuring they carry forward the values of personal pride and professionalism.

Physical Education Kit

The PE department sets extremely high standards which have helped pupils develop the skills needed to successfully face the world of work. In order for your child to get the best sporting education and opportunity, we feel it is essential that your son/daughter has the correct clothing for the appropriate weather and activity. Please look at the different alternatives your child can wear for their PE lessons.

In winter pupils can wear suitable hats and gloves for outdoor activities and in the summer months suitable hats and sun cream is recommended.


All students are required to bring their PE kit to every lesson. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure their kit is stored at school in a secure safe place. Students will receive a sanction for failing to bring their PE kit or item of kit. If your child is sick or injured they must bring a note in their diary and their PE kit so they can take part in the lesson as an official or sports leader. An exception to this rule is, if your child has fractured a bone then they do not need to bring their kit. We enforced this rule several years ago and since then the participation and standards of kit have been excellent. This policy has been introduced into a number of schools in the area. The most important reason is that all students are prepared to take part in the lesson. However, it is also important that they have their kit with them in case of poor weather so they will be able to change back into their dry uniform for the rest of the academic school day. Thank you for your support.

General Appearance

Outdoor Wear: Outdoor coats (when worn) should be warm and waterproof. (Track-suit tops/denim/leather coats are forbidden). Coats should not be worn inside the building. Jewellery: No jewellery (with the exception of a watch) is to be worn. Hair Styles: Hair styles must be neat and tidy and of natural colour. (Hair should not be shorter than No. 3). Long hair for both boys and girls must be tied back at all times. Fashionable extremes will not be permitted. Mousse/gel/hairspray should not be used. Make-up: Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed. Any body adornment must not be visible e.g. tattoo.

Permitted Footwear

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