Maths Department

Miss. A.Beeley – Head of Department

Mrs. L. Robinson – Second in Department

Mr. M.Owen – Lead Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. J.Robson – Teacher of Mathematics, Numeracy Coordinator across the Curriculum

Mrs. C.Togher – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs. K.Sands – Teacher of Mathematics, Most Able Coordinator

Mr. K.Brogan – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. A.Goodland – Teacher of Mathematics, Head of Year


Where there is life, there is pattern and where there is pattern, there is mathematics.

The philosophy of the Mathematics Department is to ensure our students are equipped with a uniquely powerful set of tools to help understand our world and its rapidly developing technology. These tools include numeracy, logical reasoning, problem solving and the ability to think in abstract ways.

Mathematics is important and relevant in everyday life and in many forms of employment; for example:

• science and technology
• medicine
• the economy
• the environment and its development

The department strives to realise this vision by aiming to provide our students with the necessary skills to enable them to feel competent with the mathematical situations they encounter in other subjects and in ordinary life.

Learning and Teaching

The department aims to provide a range of teaching and learning styles in lessons: formal, interactive/groups and practical. A number of interactive software packages are used to enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning and teaching in the classroom.

In Key Stage Three, more imaginative activities have been introduced to enhance the curriculum e.g. Tarsia Puzzles, Fun Maths Road Show and ‘Relay’ type activities are used to encourage students to work in groups to solve mathematical problems. Imaginative resources are being created and shared by staff to encourage students to use Mathematics to solve problems in real contexts.

In Key Stage Four, we incorporate aspects of “functional skills” and problem solving activities whenever possible.
We have created small intervention groups of Year Eleven students who receive additional Mathematics lessons to help them achieve their target GCSE grades as examination time approaches.

The department has seven teaching rooms each equipped with smartboards. Also, there are computers and a bank of laptops located in our Mathematics ‘Open Area’ that may be used by the pupils to enhance their learning.

Enriching learning

The Mathematics Department offers a range of enrichment opportunities for students.

Whole Year groups have had activities off timetable and this is planned to continue where possible:-
• The Puzzle Company presents numerous logic problems and practical Mathematics puzzles for Years Eight and Nine to solve.
• Each year group in Key Stage Three have a presentation from a ’Mathemagician’ who shows mathematics in a fun and exciting context.
• Whole school creativity day for World Maths Day on March 14th each year.
• Gifted and talented students at Key Stage Three can participate in the UKMT group Maths Challenge at Liverpool University and St. Edwards in Liverpool.
• Pupils at Key Stage Four have the opportunity to take part in the Stock Market Challenge at The University of Manchester as well as a Maths Challenge Competition at St John Rigby College.


The department uses a wide range of formal assessments and informal tests in both Key Stages Three and Four. We monitor the progress of each student through a comprehensive tracking system which enables us to monitor current levels of early intervention when necessary.

Department Documents