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MFL Department

The department has a team of five MFL specialists:

Ms J Hughes - Head Of Department

Mrs C Collins - Teacher Of French, Pp Champion

Mrs E De Brabander - Teacher Of Spanish, Itt Mentor

Mrs M Sola-Flores - Teacher Of Spanish


The Modern Foreign Languages Department aims to inspire students and develop their ability, desire and confidence to communicate in French or Spanish and to foster positive attitudes towards the people and cultures of Francophone and Hispanic countries.

Learning and Teaching

The MFL department offers French and Spanish at Key Stages Three and Four. Year Seven pupils are allocated a language on entry and follow either a French or Spanish pathway throughout the rest of their school career. French and Spanish are popular and successful GCSE subjects for pupils in Years Ten and Eleven.

The department delivers the subject in four well-equipped classrooms. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and internet access. Staff make extensive use of ICT and utilise a broad range of websites to enhance teaching.


In Key Stage Three, pupils complete assessments at the end of each module across the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In Key Stage 4, pupils who opt to study French or Spanish at GCSE level are examined in the following way:
– oral examination = 25%
– written examination = 25%
– listening examination = 25%
– reading examination = 25%

Department Documents
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