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The department has a team of specialised teachers: –

Mr D O'Neill - Head Of Department

Mr P Seddon - Teacher Of Design Technology 

Miss S Gonzalez - Design Technology Technician


The Design and Technology Department aims to provide a stimulating learning environment where students have the opportunity to work in a safe, creative manner to fulfil their potential. Students’ self-confidence is enhanced by engaging in problem-solving tasks. All students are encouraged to develop their practical skills to the highest standard across the department.

The Design and Technology department endeavours to provide:

  • An excellent experience within all areas of the department for all students. Ensuring harmonious elements are delivered across all subject areas RESEARCH, PLANNING and DESIGN, MAKE and EVALUATION.

  • Real life experiences in their learning where possible.

  • An environment where students feel safe and encouraged to do well.

  • Teaching and learning experiences of a positive nature where staff and pupils work together to achieve common goals.

  • An environment where students are actively encouraged to research independently and question the validity of everyday products.

  • The ability for students to have a voice and feel safe to express their opinions.

  • A culture of creative risk taking with their designs in order to excel

Learning and Teaching

The curriculum is intended to allow pupils to experience a wide range of activities in design technology including food. The curriculum is designed to be flexible to allow pupils to make progress in line with their ability. The flexibility allows staff to modify the delivery to allow current issues of relevant questions to be incorporated into the lessons

Enriching learning

Lunchtimes and after-school are an opportunity for students to work on extra-curricular projects in the workshops and to make use of machinery such as the laser cutter.

Trips to local Industry have included a visit to Leyland Daf as part of a government initiative to promote careers in manufacturing.

Enrichment in food includes.

  • Students have the opportunity to explore and sensory-test a range of multi-cultural foods.

  • ‘The Great Bake Off’ scone baking challenge for staff and pupils.

  • ‘The Junior Apprentice team challenge’ to create a rainbow kebab.

  • ‘The Fisher Factor’ creative writing challenge relating to a food product


Design technology at KS3 is delivered vial a carousel where pupils experience a wide range of practical activities including food. Regular rigorous opportunities for assessment throughout both key stages designed using exemplar KS4 examination questions.

At GCSE, Design and Technology and Food and Nutrition courses are assessed by a range of practical and written assessments to allow pupils to maximise their potential in the GCSE examination in year 11.

Department Documents
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