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Aims of Assessment:

1) All students have target grades to work towards.
2) Students receive oral and written feedback on their work and individual advice on how to progress and achieve target grade.
3) Students will take more responsibility for their own learning and progression through target setting.
4) Students experience a wide range of assessment techniques including teacher, self and peer.

At Key Stage Three, students are formally assessed at three points within each unit and keep a separate assessment file throughout Key Stage Three.
In addition to key assessments, students receive written feedback on their work in their books which is linked to the students’ target grade. They are often set an extension question to consider.

At Key Stage Four, students are regularly assessed using past examination papers. This means that they are well prepared for the styles of questions that will be in their examination, and also be practised in the timings of the examinations. Each lesson incorporates an element of exam preparation in the form of exam style questions.

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