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Leadership Team

Mrs Rigby

Mrs Rigby is an experienced and innovative educator with a passion for sports and fitness. She has held various leadership positions in different Catholic schools across the Northwest.  Mrs Rigby is pupil-centered and young people are at the heart of all she does; she drives standards and insists on high expectations ensuring young people receive the best education and experiences they can. Mrs Rigby is committed to her further learning and has a Master's degree in Catholic Educational Leadership. She also holds academic coaching qualifications. Mrs Rigby is a Lead Inspector for the Catholic Schools Inspectorate. Outside of work, she is a keen sportswoman and enjoys playing hockey, running and participating in Battlebox strength fitness classes.

Mrs Donlon
Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Donlon is an experienced and dedicated educator with a passion for science and teaching. Watching David Attenborough documentaries with her dad instilled an avid curiosity in Biology. She was the first of her family to study A levels and having completed Biology, Chemistry and Maths A levels at Winstanley College, she succeeded in securing a place at the University of Liverpool where she completed an honours degree in Genetics.  She has held various leadership positions throughout her career. In her current role as Senior Deputy Headteacher, she oversees school operations, outcomes, self-evaluation, and examinations. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and walking her dogs.

Mr Ryder
Deputy Headteacher

Mr. Ryder's love for education comes from his desire to motivate and inspire young people, helping them to reach their fullest potential. He believes in the importance of learning for creating successful life chances and champions disadvantaged students. As Deputy Headteacher at St John Fisher Catholic High School, he works closely with staff and students to ensure a high-quality educational experience. In addition to his teaching career, Mr. Ryder is passionate about sports and enjoys coaching junior football and participating in endurance events, promoting a healthy body and resilient mindset.

Mr Maw
Deputy Headteacher

Mr Maw has a deep passion for sports, particularly ice and inline hockey, which he has represented his country in at junior and senior levels. His love for sports guided his academic choices, leading him to study sports science and work with various sports organisations, including Leeds United FC. In his current role as Deputy Headteacher at St John Fisher Catholic High School, Mr Maw oversees student behaviour, personal development, and safeguarding, as well as managing departmental teams. Outside of work, he enjoys staying active, travelling, and spending time with his dog, Monty.

Mr Atherton
Business Manager

Paul Atherton is the Business & Finance Manager at St John Fisher Catholic High School since 2008. He previously worked in the Treasurers Department of Wigan Council and holds an Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. His role in the school involves managing non-teaching areas such as Finance, Personnel, IT and Health and Safety. Outside of work, Paul is passionate about family, rugby league, judo and travel. He takes pride in being an active member of the Senior Leadership Team, working with a committed staff who strongly believe in the power of education to provide opportunities and life chances for all students.

Mr Stuchberry
Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes

Mr. Stuchberry is an experienced English teacher who has been teaching at St. John Fisher Catholic High School since 2008. He has held various positions within the school. He is also a Principal Examiner for Film Studies and an experienced English Language examiner. Outside of school, Mr. Stuchberry is passionate about music and enjoys attending live concerts. He is also a sports fan and dreams of going to Wimbledon one day. He is committed to his own learning and has a Masters degree in Contemporary Literature and Film. In his role he is responsible for ensuring a safe and positive learning environment for students, improving attendance and punctuality, and maintaining high standards of behaviour. He also manages the school prefects and oversees the pastoral team.

Miss Gray
Assistant Headteacher: Teaching & Learning

Miss Gray, a highly experienced art teacher with a background in graphic design, is the Assistant Headteacher for Learning & Teaching. With a strong passion for art, Miss Gray has successfully revamped the Art and Design curriculum, resulting in improved student uptake and impressive GCSE grades. In addition to her professional achievements, Miss Gray is an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoys travelling, believing that such vast experiences can enrich students' learning and cultural understanding of the world around us. As Assistant Headteacher, she is responsible for implementing a comprehensive CPD program, overseeing school communication and policies, and serving as SLT Link for various areas including numeracy, literacy, pupil premium, and the Catholic Schools Direct/ECT programme.

Financial Information

We are required to inform you that as of 1 September 2023 there is one employee of St John Fisher Catholic High School who has a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

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