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Teaching & Learning

Drama is concerned with developing communication skills, promoting creativity and encouraging pupils to learn about themselves and the world around them. There is a structured curriculum which encourages students to develop a greater understanding of themes and issues through practical exploration, performance and evaluation. All Drama work facilitates the opportunity to work together using co-operative skills which are vital for effective communication.

As part of the whole school curriculum, students are provided with a rich and diverse learning experience of the historical, cultural and practical aspects of Drama. The Drama curriculum ensures that students are taught how to create, perform, and respond to Drama by working with a variety of stimuli from different sources and traditions.

Students will be given frequent opportunities to watch and learn from peers and professionals. Every possible opportunity to invite professionals into the school is taken and every student will be given the opportunity to experience live theatre performances. Students are encouraged to fulfil their individual potential and to reflect critically on their own achievements and those of others.
All students study Drama for one lesson a week at Key Stage Three. At Key Stage Four, students are taught for three lessons, studying the Edexcel Drama GCSE course.

The department has a 180 capacity theatre, equipped with lighting and sound equipment. This is in addition to a purpose built drama workshop. With many opportunities to perform their work, students learn the importance of individual, pair and group work, whether supporting peers in a classroom performance or as a member of a cast of 150 in a full school production.

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