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Teaching & Learning

The department aims to:

Mathematics at St John Fisher Catholic High School is delivered by a team of highly trained and passionate professionals, who strive to develop not just students’ mathematical abilities but a genuine interest in the subject.

Our KS3 mastery curriculum prioritises building a culture of deep understanding, confidence, and competence in maths. No matter what their starting points, we help our pupils to achieve excellence. Those pupils who are fluent and flexible with core skills and ideas delve further within topics, rather than jumping too quickly into KS4 content.

Lessons begin with recall starters to aid memory and understanding, and pupils work towards regular low stakes quizzes. Classroom study is supplemented by weekly Sparx Maths homework.

The department has seven teaching rooms each equipped with smartboards. Also, there are computers and a bank of laptops located in our Mathematics ‘Open Area’ that may be used by the pupils to enhance their learning.

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