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Teaching & Learning

The department aims to:

• stimulate and develop an enjoyment and appreciation of music through an active involvement in the three main areas of musical activity: listening and appraising, performing and composing.
• develop a sensitive, critical and perceptive response to and knowledge of music of different styles from within a wide range of cultural and historical context.
• develop the skills of performing and composing as individuals and as members of ensembles
• enable all pupils to use a wide variety of musical resources.
• develop self-confidence, teamwork and respect for others in society.
• provide the opportunity for children of all abilities to enjoy music making outside the classroom via a range of extra-curricular activities.
• appreciate music as one of the Arts and to be aware of links with other subjects.

All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 are taught in mixed ability sets and receive the equivalent of one 60 minute music lesson per week. The skills of composing, performing and listening and appraising are developed through topic based units. Topics studied include Songwriting, Samba, Musical Theatre, Blues, Film Music, Club Dance…
At Key Stage Four, pupils have the option to study GCSE Music and follow the Eduqas specification. They receive the equivalent of three 60 minute music lessons per week and one individual 20minute lessons of their instrument or voice.

The music teaching area consists of two main teaching rooms, together with 4 practise rooms and a recording studio. Both teaching rooms are equipped with sufficient pupil keyboards to allow whole class keyboard work and have 15 multimedia PCs interfaced with midi keyboards running Cubase and Sibelius software. All practise rooms have a piano and a drumkit for individual and small ensemble use.

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