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Teaching & Learning

The department aims to:

The curriculum is carefully mapped to engage pupils, so the correct facilities are used at appropriate times within the year to ensure teaching and learning takes place to a consistently good standard. As a result, participation levels are high. In addition to this, the curriculum map dove tails with the school games competitions.

· The PE Assessment Ladder is designed to assess pupil progress throughout an activity and is linked to the KS3 workbooks. Each pupil is given a final assessment grade at the end of each unit of work, and this is transferred into the department tracker.
· The KNOW, SHOW and GROW strands are made explicit in lessons so that learning is focused. The know strand covers technique and knowledge, the show strand is the practical ability, and the grow strand is the personal development of the child through physical education, this includes sporting values and healthy lifestyle. All strands are accessible to all pupils.
· Pupils complete base line testing in the first few lessons in year 7 which allows the students to be placed in a group that is suitable for their ability level. In year 7 and 8, students are building basic skills and techniques in a variety of sports as well as developing their knowledge of the rules. In addition, Y8 pupils will follow the Sports Education and in Y9 Sports Leaders module.

· Core PE: Building on the KNOW, SHOW and GROW foundation, we will use our 1 lesson per week to focus on the following pathways: physical, social, healthy, thinking, employable. This focus will give clear purpose to the lessons for pupils offering a structure even though there is no exam. KS4 PE concentrates on team, individual skill development and engaging in competitive sports. Lessons concentrate on allowing pupils the opportunity to develop the skills learned KS3 in games environments.

(*Due to the new build the PE curriculum has been adapted and modified)

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