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The intent of the Geography department is to develop student’s awareness of the world around them and inspire pupils to make a difference. We want our students to appreciate their natural environment and to take some responsibility for our geographical futures. As a department we seek to equip our pupils with the necessary skills and tools to prepare them for life and to achieve well at KS4. ​

We aim to develop students’ skills learned at KS3 and widen their knowledge of geography at varying scale. By the end of KS3 we want pupils to be confident young people that have a detailed understanding of the world, how it has been formed, and current issues and developments. At KS3 students study a wide range of topics, such as; extreme weather, coastal erosion and world ecosystems. The KS3 curriculum is developed to allow progression and create detailed knowledge, an understanding and skills that prepares students adequately for GCSE. ​

At Key Stage 4 we follow the AQA exam board specification. At Key Stage 3 approximately 80% of content is directly linked to KS3. Approximately 20% is taught as we feel it is necessary for pupils to know about what is happening on our planet e.g. endangered species. We have also incorporated some fieldwork at KS3 to prepare them for field work in Year 10. We decided our current schemes of work as a department.

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