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Music is an art, which has an important role to play in the community, and more importantly gives children a chance to study a broad and balanced curriculum. It does not only enrich the school environment, but also provides a link with its community setting. Music is for all. Music in education should aim to educate every child regardless of their background, culture or musical ability and can help them to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

The central goal of music education should be primarily to increase an aesthetic sensitivity to music. This aim can be achieved by using a wide variety of musical activities, which will assist in musical perception and reaction. The experience should essentially be a practical one, only using non-practical activities as a means to assist the music making or to enrich the experience, and not as ends in themselves. Music making with others can develop qualities such as sensitivity, co-operation and self-confidence and can often lead to greater social awareness in those who participate.​

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